St. Vincent de Paul Church

1 Lucymont Dr., New Castle, PA, 16102

724-652-3422 / /

Affiliated with Holy Spirit Parish of Lawrence County.

Saint Vincent de Paul Society of Holy Spirit Parish
Process for Giving Assistance to Those in Need:

Effective  October 1, 2020: Each person requesting assistance must
schedule an appointment to meet in person with a member of the Society.
This change will aid in providing quicker assistance to those requesting it.

Process for Requesting Aid:

  • Call 724-652-3422, press prompt 4 and leave your name and phone number.
  • A member will contact you to schedule an appointment for the appointment day.
    Appointments will be scheduled for a Friday or Saturday.
    The appointment hours are between 10:30 am and 1:00 pm.
  • Bring all pertinent documents.
    Examples: the overdue utility bill, eviction notice, ID/other bills with your name and address.
  • Appointments are at St. Mary Church. Use the ramp going down to the basement.
    Ramp is located on the North Beaver Street side of the church.
  • Wear a Mask.We WILL follow all CDC Guidelines to keep you and the volunteer members safe.

Please Note: there will be NO cash or gift cards on site.
All payments will be provided directly to the utility company, landlord, etc.