Rock Point Park

ladiesRock Point Park, a wonderful Victorian-era amusement park once located near Ellwood City, PA (about 45 miles north of Pittsburgh), has a very unusual history. With beginnings in the “Trolley Park” era of the late 1800’s (the exact date is difficult to pinpoint because of its evolution, but it is widely accepted as 1885), the park quickly became one of the favorite destinations for recreation in Western Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, it did not survive the competition with parks like Kennywood & Westview (Pittsburgh area), Cascade (New Castle), Junction Stretch (Rochester, PA), Idora (Youngstown, OH), and Idlewild (Ligonier, PA). After the 1911 season, the railroad decided to discontinue providing excursion service to the park due to a decrease in ridership. That decision brought an end to the park’s profitability, and it was announced in the Spring of 1912 that the park would cease operations.

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