Shop Local This Holiday Season

Dec 02 2020

There is something to be said for giving a thoughtful gift. Lawrence County is home to quaint shopping and independent boutiques, making it easy and fun to shop local. Making that thoughtful gift even better. “Shop Small, Shop Local” is …

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Discover Lawrence County and its Beautiful Golf Course

Sep 25 2020

Just a short trip from nearly anywhere in Western Pennsylvania or Eastern Ohio, Lawrence County, known as the “Fireworks Capital of America” is a must-see on any trip itinerary. The area’s proximity to Erie, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland makes it a …

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Local Restaurant Dine-In & Takeout

May 15 2020

Lawrence County is now in the Green Phase which means most restaurants can operate their dine-in and outdoor patios at 50% capacity. We recommend calling first to check for hours. We’ve put together an easy to list find out where …

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Soak Up The Spring Sunshine

Mar 19 2020

On the morning of February 2nd, Pennsylvania got the weather forecast from celebrity, Punxsutawney Phil, and he didn’t see his shadow! You know what that means? That’s right, we can say goodbye to the lingering effects of winter. We can …

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Fish Fridays in Lawrence County

Feb 25 2020

2020’s Lenten season is just around the corner. By promoting remembrance and tradition, Lent reminds people about the importance of faith and spirituality. However, the Lenten season has evolved to mean much more than its religious connotations.  It’s about bringing …

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Beat the Heat With Cool Local Treats

Jul 19 2019

 You can’t simply experience a hot summer day without treating yourself to something sweet, smooth, and frozen. After working hard all week, and staying true to your diet, you deserve to treat yourself on the weekend. Childhood memories still linger …

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Buying Local – Farm to Table

Jul 18 2018

Shop Small and Buy Local isn’t just a Saturday in November, it’s a lifestyle. There is something about buying your groceries or items from a local store that turns a routine into a beloved activity. I love seeing friendly faces …

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Morning, Noon & Night Joe

Apr 03 2018

A normal morning consists of walking downstairs bleary eyed, barely conscious and not quite hearing what my family is saying. I just give them the “give me a minute look” and make my way over to one of our coffee …

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8 Creative Valentine’s Day Ideas

Feb 12 2018

Make your Valentine ’s Day a little more full of love with these out of the box memory making ideas! Take a Class Together There are many opportunities to take a class together. Arts + Education at the Hoyt is …

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Top Stories of 2017

Dec 28 2017

Formed in 1848, Lawrence County was named after Admiral James Lawrence whose famous quote “Don’t give up the ship” was spoken at the Battle of Boston Bay in 1813. Without the community and many volunteers who work tirelessly to coordinate …

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