Lawrence County Photo Contest 2013

The Lawrence County Promotion Agency would like to say a big THANK YOU! We had 22 photographers, with a total of 56 entries!

Be sure to check out the photo gallery, displaying our winners! Look out for:

1st place: “Working til Sunset” by: Denise Guthery,

2nd place: “Laundry Day” by: Bethany Kenney

3rd place: “Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce” by Lillie Dregseth

Honorable Mention (4th) :”Villa Maria Pond” by: Wendy Wareham


“Covered Bridge” by: Taylor Dymond

“Fishing Buddies” by: Fishing Buddies

“Remembering Yesteryear” by: Paul J. Fazzone

“Winter in Western Pennsylvania” by: Tom Watson

“Get my Best Side!” by: Harmony Kasper

“Lawrence County Courthouse at Night” by: Lillie Dregseth







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