Business Spotlight: The Simple Life Tours

To kick off our business spotlightl we are shining the light on business owner, Susan Hougleman’s upcoming business venture, The Simple Life Tour.

Growing up in New Wilmington, Susan can recall the many memories she has of the area and of all the small businesses she enjoyed visiting. Her family owned the first pizza shop in New Wilmington called Prima’s Pizza. It definitely was a one-of-a kind with being the first place with a juke box and a pac-man machine in town.

During the 18 year’s at the Neshannock Creek Inn Restaurant (previously Main Street Café), which her and her husband, Joe owned, the most frequent asked questions was “Where can we go to see the Amish?”, Susan would respond “Just drive around, you will see them.”

Five years ago they sold the Neshannock Creek Inn and bought the Tavern on the Square Restaurant. Again, everyday she was asked “Where can we go see the Amish?” With that she took it upon herself, with the help of her friend Audrene Burns, to go to the 24 different Amish businesses and explore. It look Susan and Audrene two days to visit all the Amish businesses, and more kept popping up!

Susan was just overwhelmed by the beauty and simplicity of it all, ” there are Amish fabric stores, Amish donut shops, furniture makers, cabinet makers, Hickory Rocker makers, a Quilt shop, Amish grocery stores, greenhouses and farms, a horse tack shop, and so many more! They sell homemade soaps, and baked goods, furniture, the most beautiful hanging baskets you’ve ever seen. It’s good quality products at very reasonable and fair prices.”

The Amish are just as excited as Susan about bringing in tours to help their community. They will even open on the days they are closed if they have a group coming. She took a group to a furniture maker who let the tourists go behind the scenes and watch the young men make furniture. Quoting Susan, “My guests had so much fun, but not only did they have fun, they would finish up the tours with their hearts touched. Seeing the mother and their children working side by side, with no cell phones, no TV’s, no electricity.. truly living the Simple Life, is very touching. I’ve had guests cry at the end of the tours, seeing the beauty of this community.”

The Simple Life Tours are given with a knowledgeable tour guide who will give you an authentic and private tour to see the Amish and the countryside of Western PA. You can choose from a one hour, two hour, or three hour tour. The tours display the Amish culture in a unique and unforgettable way. Tour destinations range from an Amish Grocery store, to an Amish quilt shop, to an Amish furniture maker.

 So don’t forget to stop in the Tavern on the Square Restaurant for great food, cup of coffee, and their famous sticky buns and for a truly unique experience try The Simple Life Tour.

For more information visit: or call 724-923-9730.

Coming Soon! The Simple Life Lodge, which will be across the street from the Tavern. All from Susan and the Western PA Hospitality Company! 

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