Meet Paxton, The Honey Badger

Living Treasures Moraine- Home to Rare Honey Badger!

Living Treasures Wild Animal Park in New Castle, PA has unveiled their newest addition Paxtonthis weekend- a rare Honey Badger named Paxton. Living Treasures Moraine is proud to be one of only 5 or 6 zoos in the entire country to be home to this unique animal.

Honey Badgers have earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the most fearless animal on the planet, standing up to any threat ranging from hyenas and leopards, to swarms of bees, cobras and elephants. Having that title doesn’t necessarily mean that they are always mean; Paxton has already become a favorite to many staff members who he is sure to kindly greet daily along with many park guests. It is only when the Honey Badger feels threatened that they will turn ferocious, making even an entire pride of lions think twice before challenging them.

The newly constructed habitat allows Paxton to come right up and meet guests with just a layer of Paxton the Honey Badgersafety glass between you and him. He is enjoying spending his time digging, climbing, playing, and lounging around with his visitors. Honey Badgers are mostly solitary in the wild so they don’t compete with each other for feeding opportunities, which can be scarce in many parts of their African and west Asian range. They hope to introduce him to a young lady in the near future.

Living Treasures Moraine in New Castle, PA is the only zoo within several hundred miles of western PA to have the pleasure of working with this most interesting species. They invite everyone to come out to visit Paxton, and to have the rare opportunity to meet “the most fearless animal in the world.”

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