Tourism Today: Find Your Focus in Lawrence County

In today’s world, everything moves at the speed of light. It would seem that, thanks to technology, we are more connected to friends and family than we have ever been. But maybe we’ve lost something along the way. Have we forgotten how to truly stay connected? When was the last time you slowed down and spent time with the family, as a family? Taken a walk on a beautiful day down a national scenic trail or visited the town that sparked innovation?

The new Lawrence County Resident and Visitor Guide is hot off the press and being distributed throughout the state as well as both locally and regionally! The guide is appropriately titled “Find Your Fresh, Find Your Fun, Find Your Focus”. It is meant to encourage residents and visitors to explore Lawrence County through a new perspective. Our official visitors guide (OVG) is jam packed with information even longtime residents may not know. The OVG is a good size for traveling in a purse or car pocket and includes local history, an expanded restaurant and venue guide, word search game, Find Flat Larry, and why it’s great to be a kid in Lawrence County.

In a recent visit to Union Memorial Elementary, the children mentioned food as one of their favorite parts about living in Lawrence County. It has been said “You can’t get a bad meal here”. The food is outstanding and I want to go on record as saying, it is my belief that one day our county will be known as “Foodie Lawrence County”. This year we have highlighted a Wine Trail on Route 208 which includes various businesses to shop, eat and sleep over. There is a focus on tours in Lawrence County and our OVG reveals this! Bus Tours are starting to trend again and local tour companies have started to market group tours in Lawrence County. Fun and historic walking and spooky sleepover tours are amongst some of the newer trends in tours.

Looking for recreation? The OVG has tons of ideas to pique your interest. Did you know that we have two quarries for scuba diving? How about mountain biking, birdwatching, or fishing? Please….It’s here! While many of these activities are available at no cost to you, we have included two pages of free things to do, and a section on nightlife in Lawrence County dedicated to the afterhours crowd.

Our “Find Your Focus” theme ties in with the new Pennsylvania tourism brand “Pursue Your Happiness.” Embark upon your own personal happiness adventure, Follow where your joy leads you. Whoever you are, no matter what you love to do, know that happiness is Pennsylvania’s keystone. It always has been. It lives in our historic treasures, our dynamic urban spaces and our greater-than-great outdoors. Mix it up. Make it yours. Build your own personal adventure from every corner of our warm and welcoming state and county. You’ll be so happy you did.

After all, you were smart before your smart phone and as much as they’re a necessity, it’s time for games like Candy Crush to take a backseat to family. It’s time to take a note out of the Amish playbook. It’s time to relax, unwind, and get back to a simpler time. It’s time to focus on family. Focus on nature. Focus on yourself. Find your focus in Lawrence County. #ILOVELCPA and #PATravelHappy

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