Soak Up The Spring Sunshine

On the morning of February 2nd, Pennsylvania got the weather forecast from celebrity, Punxsutawney Phil, and he didn’t see his shadow! You know what that means? That’s right, we can say goodbye to the lingering effects of winter. We can welcome the spring season and all that it entails. If you’re searching for activities to begin the new season, search no more. Whether you’re bringing along your family and friends or you’re yearning for some personal time, here are some fun-filled ideas that will help you kick off the 2020 spring season.

Take a Walk through the Park

Westminster College Nature Trail

What better way to celebrate the change in weather than taking a walk through a park? As an added bonus, you could always reward yourself afterwards with a picnic full of healthy—or not-so-healthy—goodies (no judgement here). The list below features the parks of Lawrence County, which all make great destinations for relaxed spring afternoons.

  • Cascade Park: New Castle’s Cascade Park has everything from picnic pavilions to hiking trails to horseshoe courts—there’s even a park for man’s best friends to enjoy as well!
  • Ewing Park: Located in Ellwood City, Ewing Park includes hiking trails, bocce courts, picnic pavilions, a Kids Created Kingdom, and a swimming pool.
  • McConnells Mill State Park: The iconic McConnells Mill State Park in Portersville is known for its rock climbing/rappelling area, whitewater kayaking opportunities, and guided tours of the historic gristmill.
  • Moraine State Park: Well-known for its ample water-based activities, Portersville’s Moraine State Park can also serve as a gorgeous backdrop for hiking, biking, and jogging.
  • Pearson Park: Sand volleyball courts, fitness trail, and jungle gym are just some of the fun features of New Castle’s Pearson Park.
  • Shenango Community Park: For all you sports-lovers out there, Shenango Community Park in New Castle does not disappoint with its volleyball, tennis, and bocce courts.
  • West Park Nature Center: Animal lovers will rejoice when they enter the West Park Nature Center, as they have a wildlife sanctuary with blue bird nesting boxes and an observational deck that overlooks the wetlands.
  • Westminster College’s Nature Trail: Cutting through woods and over a babbling creek, Westminster’s Nature Trail provides a beautiful view for everyone to enjoy.

 Explore Local Biking & Hiking Trails

One Section of the North Country Trail

Perhaps you’re searching for the perfect place to fulfill your New Year’s Resolution of getting active. Or maybe you’re already a pro at exercising but are still seeking a new locale for your workouts. Either way, we got you covered.  Lawrence County has a vast array of biking and hiking trails that Fitness aficionados and newcomers alike will enjoy. Need a bike? Check out Bicycles and More!

  • North County National Scenic Trail: If you’re looking for a trail that will allow you to explore Lawrence County, the North County National Scenic Trail is a must-do. It runs through the boroughs of New Beaver and Wampum (First Trail Town in PA – Woo Hoo!) as well as Wayne, Slippery Rock, and Shenango Townships. Not to mention part of McConnells Mill State Park.
  • Park Harbor Trail: Located within the West Park Nature Center in New Castle, the Park Harbor Trail is a two-mile, single-track trail designed for biking, cross country running, and hiking.
  • Stavich Bicycle Trail: Designated as a National Recreational Trail in 2003, the Stavich Bicycle Trail is one of the largest trails that Lawrence County has to offer. At about 12 miles long, it begins in New Castle but ends in Struthers, Ohio.
  • Villa Maria Wetland Trail: As its name suggests, the Villa Maria Wetland Trail runs through the wetlands and offers four unique views that nature lovers will adore.
  • Penny Allenwood Outdoors: Take a guided tour with Penny Allenwood’s experts to learn tips and tricks to keep you safe while traversing through the outdoors.

 Go Golfing

Tanglewood Golf Course

It doesn’t matter if you’re sharpening your skills or wanting to try something new, playing golf is yet another great opportunity to get out of the house and enjoy the change in season. Thankfully, Lawrence County has a widespread array of golf courses that you can visit, from Volant to New Castle to Ellwood City.

  • Tanglewood Golf Course: Pulaski’s Tanglewood Golf Course offers experienced and newbie golfers the chance to test their skills in style.
  • Castle Hills Golf Course: Founded in 1930, the Castle Hills Golf Course—which is located just two miles north of New Castle—is a vision with its scenic lakes, streams, and Fairways.
  • Green Meadows Golf Course: With a peaceful atmosphere and stunning surroundings, Green Meadows Golf Course in Volant is a great option for those wanting to play a round or two.
  • Olde Stonewall Golf Course: The perfect combination between beautiful and challenging, Ellwood City’s Olde Stonewall Golf Course welcomes you to see for yourself.
  • Sylvan Heights Golf Course: A great place to bring the kids, the Sylvan Heights Golf Course of New Castle can offer an afternoon of family fun or a peaceful day of solitude.
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